Tackling Coffee’s Carbon Footprint: the 101 video

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From Barista League’s High Density conference 2021, this video is packed full with information to reduce your coffee’s carbon footprint

Presented by United Baristas founder Tim Ridley and Oatly’s Toby Weedon at Barista League’s 2021 High Density conference, this presentation explains how climate change is impacting coffee production, the biggest causes of carbon emissions from crop to cup, and the changes we can make to reduce our coffee’s carbon footprint.

Tackling Coffee’s Carbon Footprint was originally presented at Barista League’s High Density conference

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We hope that this video is super useful for the coffee community and it’d be great if it inspires and helps you to reduce your coffee drinking carbon emissions. There’s lots of good work to be done and we need to get started now to keep global temperature rises under 1.5℃, to secure the future of coffee production and to protect the livelihoods of coffee growers.

Resources on United Baristas

Learn more about:

Oatly’s sustainability report

You definitely should learn how Oatly is reducing carbon emissions in their latest sustainability report. The easy-to-read online version has great illustrations and graphs.​

Kew Gardens

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And find out more about Kew Garden’s work in Ethiopia to maintain arabica coffee production in the face of climate change.

Share your experience

Finally, we’d love to know how you’re working to reduce your coffee’s carbon footprint.

Let us know about the things that have worked well and the actions you’ve taken that have made a big difference. We would also like to know about the stuff that was hard to do and the things that you tried but didn’t really work. We’re on all the usual channels or you can email us.

If we all share our knowledge, skills and insights, it’ll put the coffee community in a much better place to tackle coffee’s carbon footprint.

Updated on 19 July 2021

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