How to prepare for the future in coffee

❖ Part of the Jobs and Careers in Coffee series

As coronavirus continues to impact the coffee industry, Caffeina and United Baristas embark on a new series to help you get ahead in coffee

Exploring the present

As winter lockdowns sweep Europe, Caffeina and United Baristas start a new series exploring the variety of roles that exist in the coffee industry.

We want to better understand what roles exist, how people who work in these roles got their jobs, what they actually do, and to offer tips, insights and advice for coffee people looking to move into these roles either now or in the future.

We’re planning for the future

Each week we’re interviewing interesting coffee people to gain firsthand insights into their job, to find similarities and to explore differences between jobs with similar titles, and to help our communities identify the skills that they need get such a role.

Emma and Tim will also be offering practical advice on working in coffee, the variety of ways available to get training and experience, and trying to answer your questions. Ask us, and we’ll do our best to answer or at least try and find someone who can:

Coronavirus is having a profound impact on the coffee industry and by working together we hope that this series will help coffee people to better prepare for their future and to continue to help the coffee industry restart and reinvent itself. Despite the challenges, we believe the industry’s best days are ahead of us.

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Going behind the screens

Learn more about why Emma and Tim are collaborating on this series and what we hope it can contribute to the coffee industry.

In this recorded Zoom call, learn more about why we are collaborating on this series and how you can be involved

Let us make an introduction

Find out more about United Baristas and Caffeina Consulting and what we do in the coffee industry.

❖ Part of the Jobs and Careers in Coffee series

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