Coffee sales jobs and opportunities with Camilla and Simon

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As the coffee industry rebounds in 2021, coffee companies will again bolster their sales teams to make the most of the opportunities – two industry pros share their experiences and tips

To explore sales jobs in the coffee industry, Emma and Tim called Camilla Morgan from Victoria Arduino and Simon Lewthwaite from Oatly. In this Zoom conversation we explore their day-to-day work, how they got their first sales job and hear their advice for people wanting to get into sales and progress in their coffee careers.

What do coffee sales people actually do?

Discover what Camilla and Simon actually do in their sales roles and explore some of the different tasks in the role requires. Their day-to-day probably isn’t what you expect.

How to get a sales job in coffee, plus establishing your credibility

How to land a sales job in coffee and some ways to get sales skills. Plus Camilla shares her experience selling coffee equipment and how she’s had to work to establish her credibility.

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The final part of the conversation with Camilla and Simon will dropping soon.

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Tips & Resources

Emma from Caffeina has compiled top tips, information and industry resources for coffee people wanting to get their firrst

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❖ Part of the Jobs and Careers in Coffee series

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